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  2012 Days in      session:

  Senate 153
  House 152
  Hours per day:

  Senate 6.1 hours
  House  4.8 hours

  Annual Salary

"We in America do not have government by the majority.
We have government by the majority who participate."
— Thomas Jefferson

  "The class war is over, the rich won.  All that is left is fighting over the scraps."    
                – Warren Buffet
Where was the
Tea Party
in 2003?
God Bless America
   Paul O'Neill said he tried to warn Vice President Dick Cheney that growing budget deficits-expected to top $500 billion this fiscal year alone-posed a threat to the economy. Cheney cut him off. "You know, Paul, Reagan proved deficits don't matter," he said, according to excerpts. Cheney continued: "We won the midterms (congressional elections). This is our due." A month later, Cheney told the Treasury secretary he was fired.

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  "Banks that are “too big to fail” is not capitalism. Capitalism is where you take risks and you are rewarded if your efforts succeed, but also where you pay the price if your efforts fail.
  Large corporations hiring lobbyists to write bills that become laws by thinly veiled bribes to politicians is not capitalism."
                                                      -Iron Knee
Truth, Humor and Love

    "Almost all new propane production over the past three years has been exported to more lucrative overseas markets instead of being used to meet consumer demand right here in the United States," Vermont’s congressional delegation wrote in a letter asking the Obama administration to put a temporary ban on propane exports.
  Matt Zencey |